View of Europe

A PhotoArt project by Fulvio Zanettini

The PhotoArt Project "View of Europe"

Before-and-after images of places around the world during the pandemic are now widely available on the internet. However, there are hardly any approaches to bring these images into a consistently artistic and yet people-focused perspective. My concept of relating 1. significant public places and 2. places of private retreat is based on my many years of documenting European cities.
For more than twenty years I have been photographing "places in transition", from unusual perspectives and always with extraordinary incidences of light, which are not artificially produced, but actually appear in these places under certain natural constellations. This work requires very precise knowledge of the respective place, the weather conditions and the habits of the visitors who frequent these places.
I would like to continue this project. And figuratively represent that Covid19 has not only taken a lot from us, but has also given us a lot: Free spaces, new perspectives, encounters in old contexts under new auspices. And: the awareness that our decisions depend very much on our respective perspectives.
The aim of the project is to bring these thoughts photographically into an image code that can be understood without many words. I already have a high-quality series of pictures of places that I would like to photograph again this year: the goal: an exhibition and illustrated book. Contacts are already available.